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With over 20 years of experience, GM Hardwood Floors is a family owned and operated
business dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality of craftsmanship in the restoration, maintenance, and addition of hardwood flooring in homes and businesses.
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Our Services

  • Installation - Hardwood floors not only increase the value of a home or office but also transform the look of it. We install all types of wood flooring and have many available resources to help you choose the flooring that is right for your home or business and budget. We work with laminate floors, and we also nail down solid wood floors and we can glue solid wood to concrete. We can even replace hardwood floors with a brand new type of hardwood that is right for your home. Some hardwood types that we have used in the past include: oak, mahogany, heart pine, yellow pine, cypress, and much more.

  • Repair - Our floor technicians are qualified professionals and are capable of repairing the common problems you may have with a pre-existing hardwood floor. We can fix small issues such as protruding boards and deep scratches, and we can even repair more complex problems such as rotting wood, termite damage, or worse. If you hardwood floor has been damaged over time, wrecked during a storm, or was installed improperly, we have the tools and know-how to fix it.

  • Sand and Finish - Sanding is a difficult task and requires a qualified professional with years of experience. Sanding is a specialty of ours, and we have the experience and tools to do it right. We can sand any type of hardwood floor. We use technically advanced equipment to keep dust to a minimum when sanding and refinishing your pre-existing or newly installed hardwood floor and/or stair-cases. Our technicians are able to customize stain colors and offer water base or oil base finishes. We offer a variety of finish types from satin to gloss including the best finishes on the market.

  • Waxing - If you got an older floor that needs buffing, take advantage of our waxing services; we have the tools and expertise to make your hardwood floor look new again.